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Title: SEO Affiliate Program by SEOClerks
Post by: jealavic on 05-17-2013, 11:56:38
SEOClerks ( without exaggeration is the largest micro job site offering many different SEO services at very reasonable prices. The site is a goldmine for gig sellers as it offers the most advantageous terms. Even if you have no such service to offer, but can drive some traffic, SEOClerks offers a lucrative affiliate program with a great set of promo tools.
This gig site is highly beneficial to all kinds of users: sellers can sell their gigs adding many available enhancing options and earn more money; buyers can order great services from many SEO pros at very affordable rates; undetermined users can gain priceless knowledge by browsing site’s blog, forum and FAQ section.
It's easy to become an SEOClerks affiliate - it takes only a few moments to sign up, and there's no programming required. If you are already a member, you are already an affiliate. SEOClerks affiliate program pays you when your visitors buy any SEO Service.... For Life!
The success of SEOClerk's affiliate program is a result of our generous commissions:

    10% commission on all sales -> This is half (50%) of the profit SEOClerks makes for each sale.
    Sales for life! If you refer a member, you earn from their sales for forever.
    Easy to use - just slap a link on your site or as a forum signature and start earning passive income!
    Already a member? Then you are already an affiliate


That's right. SEOClerks don't serve those panzy, 3 day expiring cookies that other affiliate programs give you. If you refer a member to them and that member makes a purchase today, tomorrow or 3 years from now you will get paid for it. You will get paid for EVERY Purchase they make until time stops.

For more information, visit - SEO Affiliate Program by SEOClerks - SEOClerks (