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Title: Sociolock widget – free and easy way to boost you sites
Post by: OlgaRainbow on 12-12-2012, 03:35:45
All of us want to gain more and better traffic. But we all make a common mistake — we do not gain traffic from social networks. Our team of programmers and webmasters has developed a new tool that hides some content and shows it only after a user shares the link to this page on Facebook, Twitter, or G+. This widget called Sociolock.

We tested many websites with a great number of cases and we found that Sociolock allows us to increase traffic by 150% on sites with similar interesting content. Sites that have unique and interesting content have amazing results with our widget—a 350% traffic boost.

You can hide most interesting content like videos, download files, links, interesting text, or any content that you want. And your visitors will share the link to your website.

You can test our widget. There is a free version on and you will be impressed! Also we offer paid version with high customization ability and unlimited sites. We offer a free version for a limited number of sites, so if want to try it, don't waste time! Try it today!

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