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Hi all!

How are you? Get ready for new travel destinations for this summer - time to optimize your website to promote them. Speaking about us - we've released a new widget for bigger profit!

Widget for specific hotel

Yes, another widget! By the way, we've got so much widgets already, that we have to give each of them a personal name. This widget's name is Chansey. Try to guess where the name is taken? :) This widget displays information about a particular hotel, for example, which is described in the article on your site. The visitor can see a photo of the hotel, number of stars and user rating. But what is most important - in two clicks someone can select exact dates and find a free room! Search process is very fast and within a couple of seconds, the user will be offered different agencies with prices. Then visitor will be redirected to the agency, bypassing White Label or Hotellook website.

Try it now:


Hope you are good!

Jetradar special deals feed

From this moment we give you .atom feed with special deals from different airlines: (last 100). You can parse it and generate a lot of new content automatically for your website. Let your visitors know about best deals.

Useful manuals

Have a look at our new manuals in helpdesk. You’ve signed up in our affiliate network and don’t know what to do? Please, read the article about your first steps:
We also have published some keywords about hotels ( and flights ( - that might be useful.
You can combine them with our base of IATA codes:

Payments have been made

The maximum payout to one partner was 12 000$! We've already paid more than 3 million US dollars.

It would be great if you send me your feedback about our tools. What do we need to change? This information is very important for us. Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
Ivan Baidin.

Good news, everyone![/size]We’ve got new widgets, new SDK for android and more!Calendar of low prices improved
We have modified the calendar of low prices widget. Now you can adjust the width from 320 to 800 pixels and place it in places, where free space is very important. It looks very cool on mobile devices now, and we improve graphics and conversion rate. By the way, now it is 4.4%!

Try it now!

New widget! It shows the cheapest tickets to the specified destination from the city, where the visitor is (automatically detected) and another four most popular cities for this destination. Everything looks very good, both on the desktop and on mobile devices.

I recommend you putting this widget on the page about particular city.

Try it now:

SDK for Android

From this moment you can integrate our flight search into your own apps on Android. You can even create a new app with your logo, description and start making money!It is super easy, all documentation available here:

Changes in your personal account

In your account you can now see a question mark icons on each page. By clicking on them - you'll be taken to the reference material on the section of your personal account where you are.Keep tuned! Some awesome new features are coming!Best Regards,Ivan Baidin.

Hello, everyone!
This month we have a bunch of exciting news! Are you ready?

WordPress Plugin
We contacted the developers of KPD Tourismus - a premium WordPress plugin that costs $100, and allowed to use our powerful Data API without programming skills. We have improved the plugin and put it online for free! Now you can add, for example, a table of the cheapest flights to or from a specific city. As a result, this plugin allows you to add 12 tables, widgets, and forms to any post, and configure them as well. Next - even more! More details about the plugin is here. Download the plugin here: .

New search forms
We have redesigned the search forms. Quick loading, nice animation, high conversion and greater income! Sounds simple, but this release is a result of a couple of months of hard work of all my colleagues. Now we have can integrate third-party advertiser offers and bring you even more money. Follow the news! The forms are updated automatically on all your websites.

We look forward to seeing you on September 17-18 at, on September 18 at, and on September 24-25 at We will speak in Kazan, so start preparing all those challenging and tricky questions!

Hello, everyone!

As always, we have a lot of news: good, and even better!

New Help System

We have redesigned the help system and its structure. Now it brings only positive emotions to everyone who uses it. And isn't that the most important thing? See for yourself:

Working through Commission Junction

Jetradar offers appeared in the largest international network - Commission Junction. If you prefer working with this affiliate network - we are waiting for you:

Mobile SDK update for iOS

I recommend you to once more read the article on our top affiliate that earns profit using our SDK: Mobile applications are our future. To keep up, we have once again updated the SDK and fixed various bugs.

Fixed WordPress plugin

We have fixed most bugs in our new WordPress plugin. If you had any errors installing and using the plugin before - the update will most likely pleasantly surprise you! If the error persists, please contact

Wish you luck!

Ivan Baidin.


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