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Title: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 01-20-2014, 14:40:57
Millions of people travel every day. We help them find airline tickets and make hotel reservations quickly, easily, and cost-effectively by using our powerful JetRadar ( and Hotellook ( services. You can cash in on it with our ( Affiliate Program.

Here is how it works.
1) You post a search form or a link to our search engine on your resource (website, blog, social network page) and we pay you for each sale made.
2) You post a link to our mobile apps and earn income from the reservations made using these apps for the entire year.
3) You bring in new partners and receive 5% of the TravelPayouts income generated by them.

We have been firmly holding the leading positions in the Eastern European, Russian, and CIS countries’ markets with our Aviasales ( project for 6 years now. We have amassed enough knowledge, contacts, and experience to enable you to earn a better income.

On average, you will earn $9 from each airline ticket sold and 20$ from each hotel reservation. For more information on the commission rates, please see our knowledge base (

Why we are better.
- Fully customized search forms with a package of best offers in HTML code and widgets for popular CMS.
- The most complete and transparent statistics: CTR, STR, CPC, CPS, CPU, destinations, and dates. Detailed analysis of each submitted form.
- Widget maps of low prices, text links for specific destination/ticket, White Label, and banners.
- The largest selection and lowest prices for users, which ensures the best conversion rate.
- Search/data API and SDK for mobile apps, which enable you to create your own search with the functionality that you need.
- Qualified help desk with minimal response time to help you figure it all out.

There are no minimum requirements for the website and there is no moderation process. We trust our partners. You only need to fill out a minimal registration form ( to begin earning money!

Register now with a special promo code SEOMASTERING and you will get 80% of our revenue from airplane tickets and 90% - from hotels! This code must be activated before March, 1st and will be active for 3 months!
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 03-10-2014, 06:59:31

We've just released new awesome tools for our affiliates:

1) Forms Analytics showing you CTR/STR/... for each form, as well as most popular directions


2) Combined White Labels, so you can provide your visitors with both airplane tickets and hotels on the same domain, multiplying your revenue.
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 05-03-2014, 05:35:22

Congratulations on the International Workers' Day!
However the 1st of May is a working day in our company. Spring has always been the time to work even harder :)

Have a look at our new hotels widget!

It shows all the hotels on city map or place that you specify.
Design can be changed as well as the size. Believe me, it is better to see once: our widgets previews (http://"").


HotelsCombined, bye-bye!

From the 1st May all our partners directing their visitors to HotelsCombined via our forms will be automatically transferred to our own product, Hotellook, It is rapidly improving conversion rates, providing higher and higher revenues to the partners using it. The average partner reward from one hotel booking is currently $26.

Check our new White Labels

Our new combined White Label show very good conversion rates and profit. Inspired by these results, we continue to improve them. Localization to other popular languages ​​(except English and Russian) is at the final stage of development.

Monthly payments

We have made payouts to all of our partners: over $2,243,216 has been paid out since our affiliate program launch.

TOP-10 affiliates revenue in April, 2014
1) 7,221 USD     6) 3,398 USD
2) 6,646 USD     7) 3,352 USD
3) 4,812 USD     8) 3,256 USD
4) 4,443 USD     9) 3,138 USD
5) 4,383 USD    10) 3,125 USD
You can meet me and Nikita Gurovskiy, our Affiliate Program Manager, at the Affiliate Management Days in London, 13-14 May.

Stay tuned!

Next Summer is going to be really hot! We are going to release a great solution for bloggers, new widgets and right now we are thinking over TravelPayouts mobile app structure.

Best Regards!
Ivan Baidin
Head of Affiliate Program
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 02-12-2015, 14:24:19

Good news, everyone! :D

More than half a year have passed and our network become much stronger!

Let me briefly introduce some of the most important changes:

1) White Label solution improved: calendar of low prices, hotels offers in the air flights search results, new languages and currencies, search history, new design and layout, email subscription form.

2) Mobile app for iOS on different languages: Tickets sales via mobile app on TravelPayouts (
Same commission rates as on web, but for lifetime!

3) Speed and functionality improvements for our APIs (multi-city search, etc): Developers API TravelPayouts (

4) White Labels and search forms in iframe now supported

5) New "Magic Fare" function for really cheap tickets

6) Payments notifications via Yo

7) Retargeting on our search forms.

 8) Universal booking page for some agencies (Skypicker) without leaving

9) New widgets: calendar of low prices and email subscription for specific destination.

10) We have more than 65000 (+70%) affiliates now and have been to Affiliate Summit West with a booth and almost real BEAR!

Hop on!

Register now (http://"")
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 03-17-2015, 08:26:56


Hope you are good! Let me tell you, what we've done for the past month.

White Label for mobile traffic

Recently on we've launched an updated version of the mobile site. Yes, we have mobile applications, but sometimes there is no time to download them. New mobile site shows good conversion, so we've decided to create mobile version of White Label as well. From this moment, all mobile traffic from your airplane tickets White Labels are redirected to mobile version of WL. In case you are displaying both hotels and airplane tickets on your White Label - the search must be initiated for redirect.

New reports

We create 2 new reports for you. The first report ( ( shows the most popular destinations with searches, clicks and bookings for a particular month. The second report ( ( was designed mostly for affiliates with mobile traffic - it displays the number of installs, searches and bookings. It gives you opportunity to plan your campaigns more effectively.

Widget with calendar of low prices breaks record!

Our newest widget has collected a lot of positive responses from our affiliates. Inspired by the success, we have accelerated it and add a cool preload animation. In your personal account you can now change the default settings. The widget is available in several languages now.

Try it: (

Our offers in other Affiliate Networks

Let me remind you that our search engine is available in several affiliate networks: Affilaxe, PeerFly, Ebay Affiliate Network, MaxBounty, and many others. If you prefer to work via them - you're welcome.

Best regards,
Ivan Baidin
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 04-11-2015, 05:40:27
Hi all!

How are you? Get ready for new travel destinations for this summer - time to optimize your website to promote them. Speaking about us - we've released a new widget for bigger profit!

Widget for specific hotel

Yes, another widget! By the way, we've got so much widgets already, that we have to give each of them a personal name. This widget's name is Chansey. Try to guess where the name is taken? :) This widget displays information about a particular hotel, for example, which is described in the article on your site. The visitor can see a photo of the hotel, number of stars and user rating. But what is most important - in two clicks someone can select exact dates and find a free room! Search process is very fast and within a couple of seconds, the user will be offered different agencies with prices. Then visitor will be redirected to the agency, bypassing White Label or Hotellook website.

Try it now: (
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 05-14-2015, 02:54:05

Hope you are good!

Jetradar special deals feed

From this moment we give you .atom feed with special deals from different airlines: (last 100). You can parse it and generate a lot of new content automatically for your website. Let your visitors know about best deals.

Useful manuals

Have a look at our new manuals in helpdesk. You’ve signed up in our affiliate network and don’t know what to do? Please, read the article about your first steps:
We also have published some keywords about hotels ( and flights ( - that might be useful.
You can combine them with our base of IATA codes:

Payments have been made

The maximum payout to one partner was 12 000$! We've already paid more than 3 million US dollars.

It would be great if you send me your feedback about our tools. What do we need to change? This information is very important for us. Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
Ivan Baidin.
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 06-16-2015, 07:42:42
Good news, everyone![/size]We’ve got new widgets, new SDK for android and more!Calendar of low prices improved
We have modified the calendar of low prices widget. Now you can adjust the width from 320 to 800 pixels and place it in places, where free space is very important. It looks very cool on mobile devices now, and we improve graphics and conversion rate. By the way, now it is 4.4%!

Try it now!

New widget! It shows the cheapest tickets to the specified destination from the city, where the visitor is (automatically detected) and another four most popular cities for this destination. Everything looks very good, both on the desktop and on mobile devices.

I recommend you putting this widget on the page about particular city.

Try it now:

SDK for Android

From this moment you can integrate our flight search into your own apps on Android. You can even create a new app with your logo, description and start making money!It is super easy, all documentation available here: (

Changes in your personal account

In your account you can now see a question mark icons on each page. By clicking on them - you'll be taken to the reference material on the section of your personal account where you are.Keep tuned! Some awesome new features are coming!Best Regards,Ivan Baidin.
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 09-15-2015, 15:57:03
Hello, everyone!
This month we have a bunch of exciting news! Are you ready?

WordPress Plugin
We contacted the developers of KPD Tourismus - a premium WordPress plugin that costs $100, and allowed to use our powerful Data API without programming skills. We have improved the plugin and put it online for free! Now you can add, for example, a table of the cheapest flights to or from a specific city. As a result, this plugin allows you to add 12 tables, widgets, and forms to any post, and configure them as well. Next - even more! More details about the plugin is here ( Download the plugin here: ( .

New search forms
We have redesigned the search forms. Quick loading, nice animation, high conversion and greater income! Sounds simple, but this release is a result of a couple of months of hard work of all my colleagues. Now we have can integrate third-party advertiser offers and bring you even more money. Follow the news! The forms are updated automatically on all your websites.

We look forward to seeing you on September 17-18 at (, on September 18 at (, and on September 24-25 at ( We will speak in Kazan, so start preparing all those challenging and tricky questions!
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 10-15-2015, 16:31:44
Hello, everyone!

As always, we have a lot of news: good, and even better!

New Help System

We have redesigned the help system and its structure. Now it brings only positive emotions to everyone who uses it. And isn't that the most important thing? See for yourself:

Working through Commission Junction

Jetradar offers appeared in the largest international network - Commission Junction. If you prefer working with this affiliate network - we are waiting for you:

Mobile SDK update for iOS

I recommend you to once more read the article on our top affiliate that earns profit using our SDK: Mobile applications are our future. To keep up, we have once again updated the SDK and fixed various bugs.

Fixed WordPress plugin

We have fixed most bugs in our new WordPress plugin. If you had any errors installing and using the plugin before - the update will most likely pleasantly surprise you! If the error persists, please contact

Wish you luck!

Ivan Baidin.
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 02-12-2016, 00:15:13

Hi everyone!

We have developed another awesome widget! This new tool allows to conveniently display the flight specials. Now there is no need to learn how our API works. Several formats and filtration are available. And the widget looks great, too! See for yourself:

Many of you have seen a notification in your Members Area asking you to specify your occupation. It’s an attempt to segment our affiliates and provide exactly the tools you need. We are going to use the segment statistics to improve the tools, develop new features, and provide advanced information support for our users.

We have just come back from the US, where we represented our affiliate tool for international audience – it was the second annual event we attended. Dear affiliates, Travelpayouts is thankful to you for enabling our participation in such large-scale events. Those three days brought us huge success with the affiliates and 500 target contacts. We were glad to meet some of our affiliates in person!

I wish you every success!
Ivan Baidin
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 05-31-2016, 06:17:30
Hi there!
We've developed some really cool features last month. Have a look!

For those who are working with SEM and PPC systems — new landings with all source codes and images. Download ( it now for free! You can use our domains, adding your "?marker=" parameter to and The details are in our blog (

We are currently in process of developing new White Labels — there will be totally redesigned with new cool features. Stay tuned!

Our blog is full of new articles. How to make money with our hotels affiliate program? Read it here ( We've published very interesting articles about starting new travel blog ( and optimizing it (

You often ask questions about airlines and OTAs, their pricing models and so on. We decided to contact Alexey Pavlov who has been dealing with the integration of new partners in the Aviasales and Jetradar projects (OTA, airlines, GDS) for two years and a half already — his answers are here (

Follow us on Facebook!
There are news about travel industry, Travelpayouts updates, useful recommendations and awesome tricks. Have a chance to win increased commission rate — press 'Like' on our FB page ( and share this post (!
Hurry up, the contest finishes very soon!

Recently, we've launched a self-made rocket near our office, that was awesome (

For those who are working with us via CJ — we've added several widgets to the links section. Come there, if it is more convenient to you.

Good luck!
Travelpayouts Team.

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Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 07-05-2016, 07:41:08

Good news everyone! :)
Summer has started and we continue developing new features

We've created cool iOS app ( where you can see your stats and receive push notifications about sales. You can also get notifications in your browser about sales and if you are visiting Jetradar or Hotellook not with your own marker.

We've decided to dwell on the affiliate mistakes ( frequently made by our partners and remind of our rules once again.

We have already discussed the myths of the world of airline tickets ( Now it’s time to discuss the hotel world. The ever-relevant questions are answered by Yura Vyushin, the Head of the Hotels Department at Hotellook, our project for hotel affiliate program. (

Our new White Label will be released soon — we are doing final tests to improve conversion rates even more. By the way, we optimize calendar widget, so now it works better and faster.

What do you think about new landing pages or Travelpayouts app? Please share your thoughts with us on Facebook  ( or blog (

Good luck!
Ivan Baidin.

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Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 09-07-2016, 06:26:53

Hi everyone!
We feel so excited about next few months! Cool features are coming!

New White Label is now being tested by some of our affiliates showing great conversion rates. It's coming this month. By the way, if you want the new White Label to be translated into your language - We would appreciate your help in its localization.
Fill out our submission form. (

Our Wordpress plugin was updated with new currencies and new domains. The plugin features handy tables with cheapest flights to the selected direction for the coming dates, current month, direct flights, etc.
More about the update (

As you already know, we have mobile SDK, so each of you can create your own mobile application with flights search and promote it. Want some tips from our ASO marketing expert?
Read them on our blog. (

Did you know our main office is located on Phuket, Thailand? How does it feel to work while everyone around is on vacation? Find it out from a recent interview with our developer, Alexey.
Find out what it is like to work for Travelpayouts (

We are still looking for Business Development Managers, who will help us to bring in new Affiliates. Are you interested? Please send your CV to (

Are you using our WordPress plugin? Please submit a review at Much appreciated!
Follow us on Facebook  ( and read blog (

Best regards,
Ivan Baidin.
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 10-14-2016, 00:29:20

Hi everyone!
Have you ever tried to develop mobile apps?

Well, we’ll speak mostly about it. We are glad to introduce a new SDK that allows searching for flights in your iOS app, which is now available for iPad. Moreover, it has extended customisation and Appodeal integration. Try it right now!
Read more about the update. (

Don’t forget about some useful tips provided by our ASO-manager on your app promotion. They will be helpful when using our new SDK.
App store optimisation tips (

Use it to monitor all stats in our network with our Android app (in addition to iOS version). I’m waiting for your comments.
Download it from the Google Play. (

P.S. sh! Read more about me and Travelpayouts team in the recent interview (

Follow us on Facebook (, Google plus ( and read blog (

Best regards,
Ivan Baidin.
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 10-25-2016, 02:39:28

Good news, everyone!

We’ve finally completed so long-awaited new White Label. After conducting dozens of A/B tests we’ve optimized conversion rates for more than 7%. Moreover, new White Label has adaptive design and more customization options, so you can integrate it more natively into your website. What is more important — it supports multi-city search and shows baggage rules on each flight. The main page now looks like a landing page, with additional widgets on it. We can speak about it forever, you’d better see it with your eyes.
Please note, that all you current white labels will be converted into new ones on the 1st of November. Please check, that everything is still looking good.

Learn more about it. (

What do you think about new White Label? Feel free to tell me your feedback.

Follow us on Facebook (, Google plus ( and read blog (

Best regards,
Ivan Baidin.
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 12-16-2016, 00:05:24

Hi all!
This awesome 2016 is almost over. Thank you for staying with us this year. We appreciate your attention! We wish you all the best for the upcoming holidays!

One of our super affiliates agrees to reveal us some secrets. His name is Jaseel and he owns the travel project (
Read his success story. (

It’s high time to dwell on top payouts for recent 10 months in our affiliate program. Our TOP Affiliate has earned $202 320! The greatest part of payouts belongs to mobile apps with our free mobile SDK (
Check our top 20 payouts (

In October we visited ITB Asia in Singapore, where our colleague Alexey spoke about travel trends and shared some cases of our Asian and Russian partners.
Check photos. (

Do you want to share your success story with us and increase your commission rate? We are looking for you (

Follow us on Facebook (, Google plus ( and read blog (

Best regards,
Ivan Baidin.
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 12-30-2016, 23:12:32

Hi everybody!
On behalf of our Travelpayouts team and other company projects, I’d like to wish you a happy New Year! Together we have got good results. Therefore, I’d like to wish you, your family and friends good health, since it’s of great value. All the rest we’ll certainly gain in the future. Undoubtedly.

Let’s estimate the way we’ve spent this year. Feel free to email me back your gains and comments.

Follow us on Facebook (, Google plus ( and read blog (

With best wishes,
Ivan Baidin & Travelpayouts team
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 04-28-2017, 05:32:11

Hi all!
We have some really good news! The next version of Mobile SDK ( is going to be released in a few weeks, finally with hotels! You can earn significantly more money selling flights and hotels. What is more important: we've added new templates and languages.

Do you want to ask us your questions? You'll have this opportunity during our first webinar. You will also hear best practices from Alex Tachalova (popular digital marketing specialist), Ivan Kozlov (our VP Mobile) and Nikita Gurovskiy (Head of Affiliate Relations). The webinar is completely free, but slots are limited.
You will be able to ask your questions to every speaker. By the way, you can already send them in the reply to this email.
Register now for free! (

We've added HTTPS support for all White Labels. It is an extension of the HTTP protocol which enhances the security of a site. In 2017, Google Chrome, for example, started labeling some non-HTTPS sites “Not Secure.” Our SEO expert Tatyana Zuikova has laid down step-by-step guidelines on how to migrate your site from http to https (

In the blog, I've shared what we did in the beginning of the year and what our plans are for the near future. ( Your feedback would be appreciated.

Follow us on Facebook (, Google plus ( and read blog (

Вest regards,
Ivan Baidin
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: TravelPayouts on 06-21-2017, 08:39:12

Hi all!
We conducted a webinar on May 23 and are now ready to share its main points, slides, video ( It was our first webinar, but not the last. We will continue this good tradition.

We've finished adding 15 new languages and 15 new currencies to our search forms and Flights White Label. Many thanks to all contributors.
Now we are on the final stage of developing our Hotel White Label. If you are ready to help us with the translation, please join our translation portal ( and read our manual (

There are two new articles on our blog and they are extremely useful.

The first one is a long read about how to earn 10 000 dollars per month ( from one single travel site. This method was used by one of our affiliates.

The second one is a guide on micro niche site in travel ( This strategy can help you increase your income and find new niches.

Our updated mobile SDK and Hotels White Label are almost ready. Thanks for waiting.

Follow us on Facebook (, Google plus ( and read blog (

Вest regards,
Ivan Baidin
Title: Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
Post by: mishraviplav7877 on 07-18-2017, 23:42:26
Nope, all things considered.

: for combined WL

: for plane tickets

: for lodgings

We'll refresh our insight base to clear up this.