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vBulletin Traffic Storm v1

 What is vBulletin Traffic Storm?

 vBTS is a powerful tool that can be  used to bring  lots of unique and "REAL" visitors to your website/online  business by  driving them from online (vBulletin) forums. This tool  allows you to  manage your multiple accounts on multiple boards at same  time with  simple and easy clicks. With this tool you can automatically  Register,  Activate, Update Accounts, Post comments, Create Threads,  Send Mass PMs  and More. Please take some time to read the "Important and Hot" list of features below:
 Most Important Features List:

- Boards Grabber: you can easily get boards (those related to your content) from Google search.
- URLs validator: validate your grabbed URLs and check if the URL contains a vBulletin Board or not.
- Random Usernames generator: with 1 click and you will get list of random 1000 usernames.
- Multiple Proxies Support: every action can be masked with a proxy to hide your footprints.
- Proxy validator: “Smart Mode” can do several checks to determine if the proxy is usable.
- Easy Accounts Registration: with one click you can generate a "Ready to Register" list of accounts. - Random Questions Support: it can prompt you to answer these questions or to answer them for you.
- Random Questions Answers: with this feature you can save your previous answered questions on your  PC or on our database and share it with other users. The program will  automatically load these answers for you whenever the same question goes  through the database. It’s very convenient to register multiple  accounts on same board without writing the answers again.
AI Brain: this is one of the best features in the program. This feature allows the program to think and try to answer the Random Questions automatically. (I.e. equations or enter the following word, etc.). It’s very useful feature to automate the process of registering accounts.
- SolveMedia Anti-Captcha support: the program can resolve captchas offered by Solvemedia.
- DeCaptcha services support: supports 3 types of services Decaptcher, DeathByCaptcha and ImageTyperz.
 - Auto Accounts Activation: with  this feature you can automatically activate your registered accounts  through email with one click. All you need is to add your IMAP details  and you will be set to go.

 - Accounts Profiles Updater: this feature allows you to add and assign random profiles to the accounts you select. It also allows you to update the profile of the account you registered by adding your website link, yahoo, msn, your profile signature and your avatar. There are other cool features such as, Auto Rules Reader, Auto Thread Reader and Random Poster. These useful features can help you to make your account(s) looks legit and used by a real user.
- i-Comments Poster: you can post your comment to any thread you want all you need is to harvest the topics you want to post your comments to and you will be ready to go. Also this intelligent poster supports 2 different posting    modes, the quoting mode and the normal mode. The quoting mode is very    intelligent and can be tricky to most users; it helps to make your post    looks legit. The normal mode allows you to add your custom comments.  It   also supports delay between 2 posts and other features.
- i-Topics Creator: this beast poster can create topics is any forum/subforum you select.    All you need is to grab the forums you want to post your contents to.   It  also supports creating topics by keyword. Which means your topic   will  be sent to the forum that has specific keyword you specify. This   helps  to keep your contents relevant. it supports other features such   as delay  and other cool stuff.
 - i-PMs Sender: this is one of the best features in the program. With this feature you   can send multiple PMs from multiple accounts on multiple boards at same  time. It also supports 2 modes of sending, the first is to send your PMs  to Random users (to users list) and the second, is to send the  PMs to  the active members on the board only. It supports other features such as  ability to send BCC PMs which means you can send up to 5 PMs every 1  minuet, excluding mods and admins from sending list, delay and more.
- Easy Proxy Switcher: you can change accounts proxies and randomize them with 1 button click.
- Multi-Threading Support: up to 50 threads per action.
- Multi-Tasking Support: you can use all of the features in the program at same time.
- UNICODE support: All languages are supported here.
-Save, Load Projects: you can save as much projects as you want with one simple click.
- And MUCH More.
Easy to Register and activate multiple Accounts

Send Comments to any topic

Create topics anywhere you want


Send Mass PMs with BCC support

   To see the full features list and the screenshots please go here: newbielink:http://www.bots-labs.com/products.php [nonactive]
 For Video Tutorials, please go here:

  newbielink:http://www.bots-labs.com/tutorials.php [nonactive]

 To download the trial version, please go here:

  newbielink:http://www.bots-labs.com/download.php [nonactive]

 Frequently Asked Questions:

 - Can I test it before I buy it?
  Yes of course you can, there is a 5 days  trial you can test out most of the features with it.

 - Do you offer a refund?
In most cases we are not  offering a refund  after purchasing the software. Only and only if the  program didn’t work  at all with you. In that case we might consider  offering you a refund.  That’s why we are offering a 5 days trial to  test out most of the  functions in the program. So please please don’t  buy it unless if you  are %100 satisfied with the results.
 - On how many PCs I can use this license?

 Currently, we are providing only one type of licenses, Personal License which works on 1 PC at a time only. Purchasing many licenses will qualify you to get discounts or free extra licenses.
 - Transferring my license to another PC?
  You can transfer your license  to other PC at  any time you want, you need to ask us first to do that  for you. Contact  the support.
 - Can I get a review copy?
  If you have more than 1000++  posts and your  reputation above 10 in that case please contact me over  PM or customer  support and I will arrange a review copy for you.
- Are there any Discounts for SEOF members?
Yes of course, I’m offering %30  discounts for SEOF members. But only for limited time till 30-Nov-2011  however, the  coupon code is “30%discountforeveryone”,  if you are placing the order over  the support page please provide me  with yourSEOF username and the coupon  code there so you can get the  discount.
 - Can I help you to sell your product?
  Yes you can. But you need a  plimus account in  order to do this. If you are interested please PM me  so I can provide  you with the details. The commission rate is %20 per  every item you  sell.
- Payment Methods?
Currently, you can pay through plimus. So PayPal, Moneybookers, credit cards, wire transfer and local banks all are supported.
 - Do I need to pay for future updates?
  Nope, this is a onetime fee.  Future updates  and fixes are free of charge. But for future Releases  you need to pay  upgrading fees.
 - I need to report bugs and crashes or issues with some boards how?
  Please contact me over the support page. I will try to post a fix asap.
 - Who’s the owner of this product? Are you guys a team?
  Me, me and me. If someone tells you he’s the owner of the program other than me “Xenon2010” then that’s just bullsh*t and just trying to scam you. If you need a proof then please go to newbielink:http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo-tools/311006-vbulletin-storm-new-bot-vbulletin-boards-ideas-plz.html [nonactive] and see the stages I took to develop this tool.

 - What’s the price of this tool?
Only $99.99 oops I meant $69.99 for SEOF community! (Valid till 30th of November 2011).
Where to buy it?

Only $69.99

newbielink:https://www.plimus.com/jsp/buynow.jsp?contractId=3042944 [nonactive]

Coupon code is “30%discountforeveryone


Go to buy page from here: newbielink:http://www.bots-labs.com/buy.php [nonactive]

 Does it work on my pc?

 This tool is designed to work on Windows machines only.
 - Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64) bits.
 - RAM: 512MB -> 1GB or above is recommended.
 - Internet Connection: 512Kbps -> 1Mbps or above is recommended.
 - Libraries: newbielink:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=9cfb2d51-5ff4-4491-b0e5-b386f32c0992&displaylang=en [nonactive] or above and newbielink:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=A7B7A05E-6DE6-4D3A-A423-37BF0912DB84&displaylang=en [nonactive]
 - Privileges: Should have Administrator Privileges.
 Also this might not work on (but not limited to):

 - Non Windows platforms and or virtual windows installs.
 - Netbooks.
 - Virtualbox.
 - Those do not fit in the requirements above.
 If you couldn't get it to work please contact the support.
Any other questions? Or help?
 Please post here or contact me through PM or support page.

 God Bless y
ou all….


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