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Alexa Audience Geography - Is It Valid?


Hi Masters  :)
It seemed I'm a newbie in everything, in programming, in SEO and in this forum, but my job requires me to study more about these, so...please help me...
Actually, I'm confused about sooo many things  :-[ one of them is Alexa geographic visitors. In a site I'm working on, it has two faces, in Indonesian and English. Due to our geographical position (in Indonesia), logically we target Southeast Asian (and maybe, Australia and NZ), but unexpectedly, there are quite a high number of Russian accessed our website...

My question is:
1. how genuine is this alexa stat?
2. is there any other tools where we could confirm geographical origin of our viewers?

Many, many thanks to you, this forum has helped me so much...

    Install Alexa Toolbar. It is very easy way to increase Alexa ranking. Install Alexa toolbar and visit your site daily. Alexa toolbar sends web site activity data to the server. ...
    Add Alexa Widget on your site. Alexa toolbar is a nice way to improve your ranking. But here is one issue,

Alexa rank can be calculated on the basis of traffic in past three months. If your website currently has no Alexa rank that means your website need to be optimized. You can  improve the Alexa of your website by generating quality back-links from different referral domains.

For most sites, the Audience Geography estimates come from our global sample.  If we do not display a country traffic rank for a site, it means that we do not have sufficient traffic sample data to do so. Keep in mind that the standard Alexa traffic rank is the GLOBAL traffic rank, not the country one.


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