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What are the effects of Good Alexa Ranking on health of SEO ?

It's fair to say that Alexa rank can be a useful piece of data for website comparison. Just don't base too much of your marketing work around it as it is not as accurate as something like Google Analytics. Think of it as a complementary tool to strengthen your SEO strategy.

Alexa Rank is a calculation of a website's popularity. It ranks millions of websites in order of admiration with an Alexa rank of 1 being the most popular. Alexa Rank shows how a website compares to all other websites, making it a great KPI for benchmarking and competitive analysis.

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The Alexa Rank estimates how popular your site is in comparison to all other sites. Because rank is a relative measure, your site's rank is affected not only by changes in traffic on that site but also by changes in traffic on other sites.

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How can i check my website alexa rank


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