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Alexa ranking is dancing around 1000K

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Hi, my site's alexa ranking is dancing around 1000K, for last couple of days it was below 1000K (that's great achievement for me) but now it's again back to 1000K+. Not sure what's happening? How can I fix it under 1000K permanently?

Hi, I think alexa ranking is let you know about  your web's traffic, it'll get up or down around 1-2k is simple, but it dances 1000k is a problem, you should check your backlink come to, check your visitor down (maybe you advertise google adword and now stop), your keyword down, or your website  is punished by any reason.

Well Alexa rank is not the actual measure of traffic. It is a relative thing this is measured by the number of Alexa bars inst6alled. So dont worry. Keep track of your visitors and enjoy.

Alexa depends its ranking to the numbers of visitors that you have, everything seems to be unpredictable information change from time to time. Try to ensure that your website is always updated and so the backlinks that you created.

Because of your website's traffic limit.

Try to increase your website traffic and your alexa rank will increase automatically.



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