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stiphen Ari:
hello guys

i had started new website for a month ago, but there is no Alexa ranking till now. please suggest some techniques  to get alexa ranking quickly?

It will surely take time for your website to rank on Alexa, just like in google you need to do a lot of things for you to achieve your goal. Here are some of the steps that you can do to improve your rank:

1. Write linkable and shareable content.
2. You can try to use social media to drive traffic on your account.
3. You also need to create an update from time to time.


--- Quote from: toshan on 11-17-2015, 00:33:40 ---It will clearly require investment for your site to rank on Alexa, much the same as in google you have to do a considerable measure of things for you to accomplish your objective. Here are a percentage of the strides that you can do to enhance your rank:

1. Compose linkable and shareable substance.

2. You can attempt to utilize online networking to drive activity for you.

3. You likewise need to make a redesign every once in a while.

--- End quote ---

Agree with you toshan. And ya if you want to get increase in site rank into Alexa, you must do some quality work into High PR sites and then it will be some worth.


Alexa rank is depends on your website;s traffic.

You just need to increase your website traffic then alexa rank of your website will automatically improved as your site is new.


Alexa depends on various factors like traffic, backlinks, referral domains, site linking etc.
So you have to look all these parameters to improve the alexa ranking.


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