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--- Quote from: hieuptit on 04-05-2020, 03:25:33 ---Unless you want to increase rankings for nice to management reports. I think alexa rankings do not appreciate in SEO. Using view exchange software also increases alexa rankings

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"Write Quality Content.
Install Alexa Toolbar.
Content Posting.
Social Networking.
Submit Websites/Blogs to Search Engines and Directories.
Work on Quality Backlinks.
Analysis of your Site to Ignore Ranking Affecting Errors.
Increase Search Traffic on Your Website."

Alexa rank is a common calculation of the number of Alexa users to your site number. It compares the rank of the website according to the number of users and page views.

How much time your website pages are seen is calculated by it. It is a tool that allows you to clarify where your website is loading.

If web traffic increases, Alexa's rank will get improve. Here are suggestions to improve the Alexa rank -

1. First and basic is to choose the catchy domain with the top-ranking keyword.

2. Perform the SEO

3. Add the keywords - You should use the keywords on your website.

4. Add the customer reviews on site.

5. Use digital marketing

6. Perform back-linking

7. Perform guest posting

8. Perform the link building

Alexa helps to maintain the ranking of our websites according to their performance. It decides the daily number of traffic visitors on the website. Tips to improve Alexa ranking are:-
•        The content which you upload should be quality content, as content is a very important part of the website. No duplicate content should be used.
•        You need to install the Alexa toolbar for your website.
•        Work on relevant keywords which drive traffic to your website so that you get a relevant customer for your product and services.
•        The most important part is posting quality content so that you get relevant traffic for your website.
•        You have to work on quality backlinks and get high-quality backlinks as well

Alexa is an Amazon product that ranks websites according to their performance.

In the case of a website, the number of daily traffic visitors and page views determine the Alexa ranking on the website.

The key part of the Alexa ranking is to give more value to the traffic coming from the website. This means that once visitors have installed the Alexa Toolbar on their browser and visited your site, your website ranking will increase.


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