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The results are far from good if you ever actually use the search engine.  It just couldn't keep up with the power of Google or Yahoo, who already have millions of users thinking "Why switch", or Bing who has the power of Microsoft pushing it from all angles.  It's now down to #58 on Alexa, it was once in the high 20's to early 30's.

It is pretty gloomy reports about the present status of's web-search-technology. It is following issues:

•   Search results shift among 10/page and go down to 5 per page, basing on the page you are screening.

•   Most of the results for one keyword search-terms come back results with an identical title tag, accurately - they describe this a enormous "page-title association."

It's because they have many competitors nowadays that are more reliable..

Mclaurin Rachel:
I think the reason of falling is that it mix up the search results making difficult for user to select a batter one.

ask is really a great search enging, i really like it very much, i think there is ask and google,


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