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TomN: keeps losing steam I wonder what it's plans are to compete with the big 3 search engines?  Maybe it should come out with a new browser like google did with chrome?  What are your throughts guys?

I agree with you and I too feel that they have begun to take the back seat slowly and gradually.  They could not stand the heat of the race probably when it comes to search concept.

prasanth5: has not improved at all in the recent times.  That is the main reason for its fall.  Search engines should always be on the look our for improvement and improvisations. 

Ask is competing with big search engines that constantly improve their search engine and with much more funding.

I don't know about all of you but I'm confirmed that I don't like to use's SE's.
Felt bored when I'm using it to search.
It needs more upgrades to attract more people to use it.
And that's for sure.  :)


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