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Bing - Good or Bad?

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By this title I don't mean "bad" as its not at all obviously its working a treat for Microsoft, but what I mean is do people aim to get their site listed in Google or do you aim to get it listed in Bing?

Also does anyone ever check their "Bing" ranking...because all I seem to do is get myself on Google and "URL:(My Website)" and boom off I go looking at everything. Also type my keyword and see where I am sitting for my keywords, I can safely say I have never ever checked Bing to see where I am ranked.

Does anyone do this, and do you see results?


I alway optimize my pages for Google.
It gives me 90% of traffic.
I think that Bing and Yahoo are not very important now days.
But surely, each visitor is valuable never mind from which search engine he (she) came.

Bing has fine, it is similar to a META search, it calls-up Google and other SE results.
If you want to rank on Google, you will almost certainly rank to on Bing.
Bing searches a lot of good places, where Google do not: worth added places with review.
If your have good rankings on Google than on Bing, you require to spread the words more.

Bing is third largest search engine it is good you should to use

bing is good.. but i still like google.. :)


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