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Can Unique Title and Meta Description Helps

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yes, unique description will help to increase the click through rate of your website which is considered to rank higher in Google Search Engine. It is an indirect ranking factor to the website.
Unique title and description will help the viewer to understand the site and if it matches with his desire he might click and enter your website.

Make everything unique... content, titles, metas, alt tags, anchor text  :D

Armando Gardner:
Of course, it helps! While customizing your meta title keep some points in mind (I have mentioned them below):-
Your Keyword should be mentioned there in the meta title, as it will improve the ranking website while searched through that particular keyword, see how? (see the attached image)
If possible, add the keyword in the description as well, it will even improve the ranking of your website with better readability analysis.

Title tags and meta descriptions are bits of HTML code in the header of a web page. They help search engines understand the content on a page. ... Well written and compelling meta tags can attract more users to click to your website from the search engine results

Michael Anderson:
Yes, unique title and meta description performs a key role in improving the ranking of your website. You will often get the suggestion of adding the keyword in the title and yes, it really works. When people search for that specific keyword, it will make your website appear before them.


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