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Can Unique Title and Meta Description Helps

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Hello folks,

Can Unique Title and Meta Description Helps in SEO

Meta tag description doesn't work anymore, its just a brief summary of what the user should expect about your website and that's it.

Many different ideas have been discussed regarding meta descriptions. Overall, most argue Google does not factor meta descriptions into rankings.

But when it comes to title of the website, you must have to be unique title for your website.

In regards to your question, according to Moz's website it can help in enhancing your click thru rate. On there following site located at: they mention that "Meta descriptions can however impact a page's CTR (click-through-rate) on Google which can positively impact a page's ability to rank."

So in other words putting in effort to create a unique Meta Description is of benefit.


--- Quote from: Michealyardy on 07-11-2016, 23:49:47 ---Hello folks,

Can Unique Title and Meta Description Helps in SEO

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Yes, Use unique title and meta description. Meta descriptions be able to assist increase your CTR beside with related title tags.


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