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Duck Duck Go?

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I started using a search engine called Duck Duck Go. You can also use for short. I think it's a pretty cool search engine.

I don't know, but what would be the reason to use it? Why is it better then the Big G? SY

Never used it, and yeah why would we want to useit ? are you sure you're not just trying to promote your own site buddy ?  >:D

You know what I tried it and do like it..why?  Because it is nearly completely ad free while Google has google ads blended in with their search for profits.  I like to use an ad free search engine on occassion.

Why should I use it dude?
I'm in love with Google much more.
But I did go and try the SE you're talking about.
From my observation, I can say that its quite simple and yeah no ads.
But I'm more to images searcher and it's simpler for me to use Google images search shortcut.


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