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Is it possible for us to hаck a SE's webpage?
This just came up to my mind while I was chatting on Facebook just now.

Everything is possible. But I don't think it's easy.
Why you need such thing?

Nah, it just came up to my mind.
All of a sudden I think hаcking is fun stuffs but I don't know a thing on how to do that.
Any tricks?
One of my friends did make & send viruses to ym's chatroom a long time ago.
Can that be possible to?
Why didn't Yahoo response to such things that can corrupt their name?

doubt it's impossible but I doubt it's possible for the common guys like you and me.

hаcking sounds glamourous but it isn't. You gotta know your code and be up to date with all the technicalities, holes in codes. It's not something that comes easy and you can either do it or yuo can't.

Loads of books on hаcking, just buy one or downlaod an ebook online.

It is possible to hаck any website including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, whatever you want.  But as a rule of thumb, the more popular the site, the harder it will usually be to hаck as they will have more teams of developers and more security.  If I had hundreds of people working for me for months, even years, we could probably work and hаck Google for like 10 minutes.  Seriously, if you want to hаck a search engine then you would at least need to start with a small, less known one.  If you're really experienced with coding you could probably hаck a small one but it wouldn't even be worth the effort at that point and bigger ones are out of the question.


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