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How to increase the traffic rate from Yahoo and Bing?

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Hello Friends,

My website is having good traffic but Google, but very negligible traffic from other search engine like Yahoo and Bing. Please suggest me some techniques on how to improve traffic rate from Yahoo and Bing?

First of all, go to:

Add your site and send a sitemap. Then follow the suggestions to improve your website.

For improving traffic you need working SEO, SEM, SMM in your website. No bogus or bugging content use.

Since users are less for yahoo and bing, even visitors will be less for these search engines. Initially check for keywords rankings in these search engines. If you have a good keyword ranking in google, it will automatically reflect in yahoo and bing.

Hi. Maybe your posts are not indexed by yahoo or bing ;) If it are, get some backlinks from sites that are very good indexed in this search engines !-! or trie some intern links from your posts that are high indexed to the posts that are not !-!


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