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Which are the most importatnt search engines besides google,yahoo.msn,aol.
I wanna submit my sites to other imortant search engines besides these engines manually so that i can get traffic from these also .
I mean to say iam asking which are most imortant engines besides these four engines?

What I have noticed that other search engines showing Google results on any search query because they don't have a massive amount of data in their database. And one more thing that Google is fixed in people mind for any information online.

I'm not happy to say this but Google really has no competition.  they offer the best traffic to webmasters and they're the best for searching with in terms of user experience. It's a hands down winner and it will be almost impossible to challenge.

Submit to google, and if you're on there, most other search engines will probably find you from there. Google is so well known ad so well respected that other search engines grab their own rankings from them.

So make your life simple and just focus on google!

Well I know that Google Yahoo and Bing dominate search but there are niche specific search engines that do well and don't necessarily compete.  Look at these 2: ChaCha and Flickr..Flickr is a unique image search and ChaCha is a phone query service easy to find answers to random questions in.


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