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Knowing Competitors Website Traffic

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How can we know our competitors website traffic? I generally use Compete, StatBrain to know some basic traffic details for my competitors.
I also use Keyword Spy to get idea regarding my competitors PPC campaign. But, I am really confuse with statistic. Can anyone suggest me free or paid tool which will help us to know competitors website traffic?

Competitor analysis should be on of the early steps in Search Engine Optimization of your web site, in accomplishing this you will have established how your competitors have been able to be successful online. Enabling you to steer clear of the  expensive and time consuming trial and error of evaluating strategies, which do not give the returns you had hoped for.

some suggestion here from any 1 would help me also in analyzing stuffs

At the outset, you should recognize business is always competition. The exciting fact is that,
you can not shun the competition, you should appreciate the business contest and react better.
For a successful online business, it is essential to know all the competitors in your business.

you submit keywords in seacrh engine and see first compiter website


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