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What are the best local SEO Techniques?

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What are the best local SEO Techniques?

Local seo techniques help to rank your website in local search engines. They are also used to generate local traffic to your business. Business listing, classified ads and Google map submission are some of the local seo techniques that are used to build your website ranking Google local.


1. Keywords
2. Keyword Mapping & META
4. Footer
5. Blogging & Social Media
6. NAP Consistency
7. Link Building Via Business Citation Building

I know one local SEO technique. This is NAP Consistency. One of the largest local-SEO changes from 2012 to 2013 is the importance of properly formatted and correct business contact information. Any reference of a business’s name, its physical address, local phone number, and website are referred to as a business citation. The elements tied to a business location (name, address, phone) being referred to as NAP. The pin-point accuracy of this dataset is critical for local marketing as it provides search engines validation of your location and contact information. Sounds simple enough but nearly 50% of small business have formatting or data errors in their citation NAP – their local visibility on search is sure to take a hit for it.

There are 5 the best techniques for your local business. Among them:
- you should make the most of search engine optimization on-page SEO for your business domains;
- you should manage your social media profiles and activities on the top  social websites like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+;
- you must build original and creative content on your website  with article marketing and advertising;
-  post as many as it possible articles, videos and websites to traffic targeted low competition keyword phrases;
- you need to get a mobile app for your business.


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