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What are the common SEO mistakes?


What are the common SEO mistakes?

"Search Engine Optimization is the best process of increasing the unpaid or organic traffic to a website business by improving the visibility of web pages traffic or the website in the SERPs. To achieve a higher top ranking for target keywords, you need to apply SEO to increase your rank.

7 common SEO mistakes are -

1. Slow Site Speed
2. Bad Reviews on Google
3. Faulty Google My Business Verification Code
4. Lack of Location-Specific Pages
5. Duplicate Content
6. Broken Images and Missing Alternative Texts
7. Outdated Content and Information on Site
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common  seo mistakes like
1. Website loading speed may be slow
2. Try to rank the wrong keywords
3. Neglecting the write awesome content
4. Build spammy links

Most common mistake i saw that using stop word in title, First letter of every word shoul be capital in title, Title and description are same while we can target another keywords or keywords phrase by description, title and alt tags missing, mistake in heading tags utilization. These are basic and common mistakes i saw till now in many websites.


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