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Who remembers Altavista ?

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Back in the late 90's both yahoo and altavista were one of the top search players  :))

Yahoo's still there but what happened to altavista. They dissappeared just like netscape dissappeared on the browser scene!

I remember.
It still has good alexa, but I think that there is no sense to get this SE seriously now days.

Yeah I remember altavista, I think they got purchased by Babel translator. I actually really liked their original site and search abilities but like most search engines it's in the junkyard now. Google, MSN, Yahoo pretty much run things.

I remember hearing of it but I've never used it, it's a weird industry search engines..The large 3 keep getting bigger and the smaller search engines seem to die out.

I do not keep in mind Altavista yet being that well-liked amongst the masses. From what I can remember, it's main assert was that it found many number of sites. Now, their results that arrived from user keywords were any improved than others is arguable.

Yahoo is almost certainly the site whose search-engine should have been making better today. A Lot of people utilized their tool back in these days.


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