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Title: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: Nicpoint45 on 04-21-2010, 17:32:39
I have found some valuable facts regarding comparison between PHP and ASP.Net. I hope this will help a lot deciding between what to use for a professional web application development.

Looking forward to other people feedback.
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: Alex on 04-21-2010, 17:33:20
It is like saying: Which car is faster: Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla on a road with posted speed limit of 100 km/hr ?

They are both good. Pick one, live happily ever after.
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: ravi on 10-07-2011, 22:32:44
ASP is stand for active server pages...php is use for making new effective designs..................
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: ravi on 10-11-2011, 03:54:21 is a technology while php is a language.....both are different.... O0
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: bidabingseo on 11-07-2011, 23:15:48

ASP.NET is technology and PHP is a language but both are used to make websites,softwares etc.
so choose one with which you feel comfortable.

Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: Vinil on 02-27-2012, 02:15:40
1 Both are programming languages
2 Both follow OOPs
3 IDE is used on both
4 Both are different platforms
5 Both are used word wide and apps built in both and php
I dont understand what is the reason to compare the two?Who cares if has drag-and-drop feature while php lacks it .Posting problems and their solutions is the worth of forums

Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: microsoftcygnet on 04-03-2012, 02:19:50
i think there are no such comparisons between these two..selection of programming platform totally depends on which kind of functionality u want with your application..
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: James Andy on 09-10-2012, 03:24:36
ASP and PHP are both programming languages that are commonly used to create websites. Unlike the usual static html web pages, ASP and PHP websites are more dynamic and can allow users to interact and exchange information using the website's databases.
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: navkesh on 09-11-2012, 12:32:03
The choice of technology is completely dependent on the requirements. The factors that influence the decision of choice are based on the following:

Complexity of Business logic
Density of contents
Expected number of Hits (if it is a website)
Size of project, etc.

Latest Stable Version4.05.3.3As of 19 Aug 2010
PriceASP.NET - .NET Framework is free. So ASP.NET also free
Web Server – IIS – Not Free. OS cost applicable
OS – Windows Server – Not Free
PHP – Free
Web Server – Free
OS – Linux is free, Windows is costly
PHP can be installed on any OS and Web server. But ASP.NET is recommended for IIS only (even though ports to few web servers available)
LicenseMS EULAPHP License v3.01
Third Party Hosting PriceCost involvedCost InvolvedBoth are not costly but if you compare, PHP is found to be a little bit cheaper
Promoted byMicrosoftPHP CommunityBoth are not costly but if you compare, PHP is found to be a little bit cheaper
PerformanceFasterFaster for small programs and slower for medium-to-big programsVery basic old argument – ASP.NET is compiled and PHP is interpreted (line by line compilation and execution)
Content Management SystemsDotNetNuke
Magento …
Wide variety of options
Jscript, etc.
Some useful featuresWCF (Windows Communication Foundation), Web Service, .NET Remoting etc.
Built-in Caching features
Web Service
Third party Ajax libraries
Third party Caching libraries
Title: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: adelinebosanquet on 09-13-2012, 00:13:43
There are so many comparitions between the ASP and PHP. The PHP is the open source and easy for the website development. but the ASP is advance and hard to website development.
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: hiredotnetdeveloper on 12-05-2012, 00:48:07
ASP and PHP are similar in that both tend to put their code in with the HTML, and so the logic can be quite similar. PHP is easy to learn but I like because by profession I’m ASP .Net Developer in Indian ASP .Net Developer Company.

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Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: myopinioncafe03 on 02-18-2013, 23:29:42
Both are programming languages that are used for create websites. And almost both are same so you can choose any one for solve your purpose.
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: paulstrahann on 03-11-2013, 23:52:54
Both programing languages are good for creating a website. PHP programming language runs on lots of platform and lots of support database like My SOL, SQLite, etc. ASP.Net runs only on Microsoft windows platform which supports for only MS SQL Server.
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: alliancetekinc on 06-04-2013, 07:56:12
PHP is a decent language but it falls back on ASP.NET's strength that lies in its object oriented features, and it's flexibility.Because of the CLR you can have C# programmers and VB.NET programmers working on the same project, or switch languages half way through and not have to rewrite all of your old classes you can get more details on
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: Luca tall on 06-09-2013, 23:37:11
One is technology and another is language.Both are good. If you prefer language means choose PHP is best.If you prefer technology means Choose depends upon your preference.
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: roger710 on 08-21-2014, 03:45:44
A programming language is not scaled with how easily you can built an application. But its robustness, flexibility, speed etc measure the performance. PHP in all segments leave ASP.NET many miles behind.

PHP 5 finally came exception handling and true OOP, but it still lack namespacing to prevent class naming collisions. PHP's type checking is very loose, potentially causing problems. Another drawback is that variables in PHP are not really considered to have a type.
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: MarcoLeitner on 06-11-2015, 13:04:52
1.Php is an open source technology and can be used for free where as is a microsoft technology and is expensive.
2.Php is a programming language used for creating web application where as is a platform in which programming language such as c#, is used to  create application.
3. Php will work in any platform and server where as can be used only with IIS.
4.Php is compatible to work with different platform such as windows, linux and unix where as works with Windows platform.
5.Php code execution is faster where as code execution is comparatively slower.
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: SanviMalhotra on 08-22-2015, 02:09:37
 1.php is an Open source technology which can be used for free where as is a Microsoft Technology that is expensive in Price.

2.Php can be run in Linux Operating System which is available in free where as needs windows platform which is not available in free.

3.Php is faster in execution because php uses built in Memory  where as is slower as compared to php because it uses server space during execution.
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: ShaliniVerma on 12-03-2015, 23:43:19
ASP.NET's flexibility and object-oriented features are its main advantages. ASP.NET got its name from Microsoft's old ASP technology. However, the new .NET Framework and CLR provides for seamless interface with other programming languages, such as Visual Basic.NET and C#. This means the programming language of a project can be changed mid-project without the need to rewrite everything. It also means multiple developers can work on the same project using other languages, such as Visual Basic.NET or C#.

PHP, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive and secure and has several of its own advantages. PHP works by teaming up with HTML to display dynamic elements on a web page. The most notable thing about PHP is that it is commonly included as the “P” in LAMP architecture. LAMP is a software bundle that includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. These are all inexpensive, scalable, and secure web applications. The bundle is a popular way to distribute these applications. (
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: tomfam on 12-14-2015, 00:30:27
 Both are programming language for create websites ,both are follow the OOPs laws -
 PHP is  an open source technology,you can used  perform on linux,unix oprating using HTML display dynamic web page.
 ASP.Net is Microsoft technology.It have some programming language like as C#,J#,VB.Net, ASP.Net working on windows platform.
Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: Ghazala on 03-10-2016, 02:22:37
Hello Friends,

ASP means Active Server Page and PHP making New Effective Designs. Both are programming languages that are commonly used to create websites.

Title: Re: ASP.Net vs PHP
Post by: TomClarke on 04-20-2016, 01:36:43
I think that unless you are already familiar with the .NET framework or want to stick to Microsoft technologies, there is no discernible need to use ASP.NET over PHP. PHP can do everything that ASP.NET can, and it can do it for free.