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What is best Blog promotion technique?

How to get more traffic from blog ?

social bookmarking of your blog posts and also promotion in social networking sites can help you for traffic, also if you are ranking well in google (else you need to find high search volume keywords and optimize your blog for same) after this process, which will take a time, but then you can have some amount of traffic, which will be increased after day by day.

For purely SEO, I love using the same techniques i use for all sites, link building and submission to very niche directories. Other methods of promotion that can work well for blogs because they're very personal are paying for a shoutout on a related forum or on a big facebook friends list.

I try to find blogs similar to mine and then request link exchanges. In some cases I'll even post up a prize on the related blog (i.e. if it's a popular site) and ask in exchange for the other more popular blog to mention my site and give me a good word to it's members.

It's worked great actually. Kind of like a personal recommendation from a popular celebrity. lol

i think you should promote your blog with book marking and daily blog posting at your blog


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