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MBA Trainer:
Blogs promotion is a little bit different than website promotion. In blog promotion you have to join different blogging communities and you have to write the comments on their posts. You have to appreciate their struggle for their online business. As a results they will treat you in the same way. They will tweet your posts on the twitter and will also like and share your posts on Facebook and other social networks

sima singhs:
I really agree with you, For these typo of promotion you need to joing same kinda community on every platform whether it is forum, social media or any other platform. Even you have to wait for whether your blog promotion post is approved or not by moderator/ Admin. Even you can join some best slack communities for these.

I have joined the Blogger Community for this purpose.  I have not yet done any guest posting though on other peoples' blogs. I use social media mostly to share my URL to the Blogger website. I was just submitting URLs to Search Console. Forum posts are also good ways of promoting a blog. I recently added pictures, I have to now go in and include ALT text for all of them. These are ways in going about promoting your blog apart from guest posts.

This can be difficult for a beginner at first. But it's worth it. When I was just starting to try to set up advertising on Facebook, I was constantly watching educational videos about it on YouTube, blogs, and so on. I also completed various courses to be able to better customize targeted advertising. In general, it took me a lot of time and money, even more than I expected. Although I didn't worry about the money, because I can get it very easily here - bet 10 cаsino. The main thing is to try and then you will understand in which direction you need to move.

First, make sure your blog is a prominent link in your site menu. Therefore your website encourages readers to check out your blog. Also, include a subscription CTA on your website so visitors can sign up to receive new posts. Ultimately, it's important to remember that blogging isn't going to happen overnight.



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