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Rajkumar Singh:
I want to start a blog, but how people will know about my blog. How it can be found in Google search? Is there anything I need to do in terms of keywords or do I have submit the URL to search engines like google or yahoo?

Today Blogging section is very important in SEO. Blog increase visits and traffics. You should spread your blog on social networking website, pining, bookmarking also good ways for promote your blog.

You need to do a keyword research properly for your blog and work on backlinks for those keywords. This will help you to rank your blog in search engines for those particular keywords.

You have to do blog submission and do blog commenting where you have to give the link of your blog....Share it in social media sites like in Facebook,twitter

I think that these methods can help you:
- social media optimization;
- blog commenting;
- valuable content;
- long tail keywords


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