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Hi guys,

I've been told that submitting to specific blog directories will help me in my search for better search rankings. Is this true and what are the top blog directories you submit too. Previously I just submitted to general directories and tried to get onto sites related to mine ? Is that enough or do the blog directories really pack a punch ?  O0

I don't depend on blog directories for much traffic, but here are some of the good ones blogcataclog and blogarama. It's a good thing to be listed there but don't expect much.

try making Facebook page with the blog name it will not only generate traffic but will also make it popular...i found it much better and effective

You can look at this website and you will see a list of free and paid blog directories.

A Blog directory  is an online list  of websites. It is a directory on the World Wide Web of  the World Wide Web. Historically, directories typically listed entries on businesses, and their contact information; such directories are still in use today. A blog directory includes entries about websites, including links to those websites, organized into categories and subcategories.


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