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1. Title Tags: Use your keywords in your title tag, and make sure you have a unique title tag for every page use All in One Seo Pack Plugin.

2. Decide between the www and non www versions of your site, and redirect one of them to the other use the Redirection plugin to manage all your redirects.

3. Create a Sitemap: with Google XML Sitemaps Plugin.

4. Submit your Sitemap to Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

5. Put your keywords in the H1, H2 Tags

6. Include your keywords in the url of the page: change your permalinks to include the %postname%

7. Link to other relevant pages in your site include your keyword in the anchor text, rather than ‘click here’ , with related posts plugin.

8. Optimize your images, by giving them relevant names, and using the alt tags to describe your image(while including some keywords of course )

9. Join It’s like twitter, but its dofollow. Also, every update appears on the front page for a (very) little while. Post a link to your site in a status update there, and ping the page. This technique is especially good for getting new sites/pages indexed.

10.Find some authoritative sites in your niche that are looking for guest bloggers or accepting articles, and write an article for that site. They will generally allow you to include a link back to your site.

11. Udr the ping list with WordPress. Go to Settings>Writing and add them in the update services box.

12. Bookmark your site at Digg, StumbleUpon and Propeller. If you want to bookmark your site on more sites, use a free tool like Onlywire or SocialMarker
13. Burn your feed, using feedburner.

14. Submit your rss feed to rss directories.

15. Find some large forums in your niche and participate in them. Include a link to your site in your forum signature.

16. Comment on niche blogs, preferably dofollow. Use dofollowdiver to find dofollow blogs.

 Great tips, there are lots of other things to add to this list, but the list pretty much covers it all.

Brilliant list for everyone on here to enjoy!

Karma would be added but you are a guest!

Thanks for sharing, Most of the tips you mentioned is new to me... site map, submit site map, authoritative sites......Will search in depth to learn more.. :)

Thanks for sharing. I am a blogger so these tips are very useful to me.


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