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Title: What is Autoblogging? (basically)
Post by: nick8609 on 10-27-2010, 19:33:56
Basically, the concept behind an autoblog is that it takes material from other sites when they’ve been updated, and automatically places it upon your site.

Before just taking content from other sites, there are copyright issues that should be taken into consideration.  Overall, make sure the RSS feeds you are taking content from allow syndication in the first place. 


1.)   Bring in nice income (if done correctly) with possibly little effort after laying the groundwork.
2.)   Will help you to promote other sites and/or blogs that you may have in your marketing arsenal.
3.)   You can link yourself with all the different blogs that you setup.  For example; link blog A to blog B, then blog B to C, then C to D, and this process can be done for as long as desired in a chain.
4.)   The linking of various blogs will definitely help with SEO, although link building outside of the network will bring in most of the “link juice”.
5.)   You can also use your autoblogs to feed to a main site, and this will definitely help  tremendously in regards to SEO.


1.)   In the beginning, time should be spent (a few hours) to setup these sites
2.)   Approximately a day or two following the initial work should be dedicated to link building and promoting.

The numbers game for autoblogs is pretty simple.  If you have about 100 of them setup, and each one makes $1  or $2 a day, then you can come to an approximation of about how autoblogs can produce a sustainable income in the course of time.
Title: Re: What is Autoblogging? (basically)
Post by: etiergjt on 03-20-2011, 21:30:38
Someone said that autoblogging is dead since the earlier the Google update,many content farm lose traffic rapidly
Title: Re: What is Autoblogging? (basically)
Post by: almedajohnson on 05-25-2011, 23:24:15
AutoBlogging can negatively affect your SERP. As per the Google's latest update of Panda and content farm auto blogging is banned. so now there is no advantages remain for the same
Title: Re: What is Autoblogging? (basically)
Post by: tipsntweaks on 06-10-2011, 08:16:18
autoblogging is dead and doing so can now effect the search engine rankings so its better not to be followed the only advantage of it is the sites which gets those stuffs autoblogged if can provide some money via ads thats the only advantage it has
Title: Re: What is Autoblogging? (basically)
Post by: heimannm on 07-23-2011, 05:21:46
the Auto blogging is very helpful tool for product updater like a write as above.
actually its work on forums based and quickly up to date.
Title: Re: What is Autoblogging? (basically)
Post by: DanZanita on 07-28-2011, 12:33:36
Its a blog which fetches articles and posts from added blogs automatically and appear on your own blog.
Title: Re: What is Autoblogging? (basically)
Post by: Articru on 06-23-2012, 18:53:18
Is autoblogging really dead? I've seen plenty of seemingly new autoblogs going up. Were people really making such great profits doing this?
Title: Re: What is Autoblogging? (basically)
Post by: brianwilson085 on 07-05-2012, 05:02:09
An “AutoBlog” is a blog, either blogger or Word Press, which runs automatically. You only need to create it one time, add certain plug-ins deliver content 24/7, add auto-bookmark and ping….and you just set it and forget it.

In this autoblogging guide I will focus on self-hosted Word Press autoblogs, since it is the best blogging platform with the greatest flexibility and a very reasonable “Work <—> Result/ROI” ratio. It is also a piece of cake to set up.
Title: Re: What is Autoblogging? (basically)
Post by: RichardSmith on 09-13-2012, 08:07:33
Hello Friends,

Auto Blogging is a term for a Wordpress blog that automatically updates its contents. This means you will not have to spend time writing articles, videos or something. Once you have configured your blog car properly, it will run without any intervention on your part.

Thanks and Regards
Richard Smith

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Title: Re: What is Autoblogging? (basically)
Post by: yumraj on 07-02-2013, 23:26:10
Autoblogging is the word we use to automatically create the content of the blog, rather than writing individual messages manually. For AutoBlogged, you can create a message based on content from another RSS feed. You can see the RSS source, you can easily find the content automatically added to your blog.