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A good content is unique and original. It has a strong headline that catches the attention of the target audience. A well-crafted content provide solution to readers and presents accurate information. In addition, a good content is engaging, thought provoking and contains effective call-to-action.   

We all know these SEO ON page factors

Meta tag optimization.
Keyword Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Key Word Density
Sitemap xml & Robot.txt
H1 to H6 Tag
Title Tag optimization

but is there anything new in SEO on page?

On page optimization refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. Examples of this include measures to optimize the content or improve the meta description and title tags.

What does On-Page Optimization mean?
On-page optimization is a search engine optimization (SEO) tactic that configures the structural elements of a website to increase its search engine visibility and reach. It includes a series of different processes that colaboratively optimize the website structure to help it be found by search engines in specific and searchers (end users) in general.

On-page optimization primarily configures and matches the structural elements of a website with how a search engine reviews a website, against a search query. The more the website is optimized in line with how a search engine shortlists and rank websites, the better its chances of being visible and ranking higher in search engines' results pages. Typically, on-page optimization includes:

* Updating page title and description with relevant keywords and brief information about the website
Adding alt attributes and descriptions to images and videos
Removing errors from HTML code and optimizing it for different devices, browsers and speed
Maintaining a balanced ratio of targeted keywords in all tags, descriptions and content

Today according to Google rules the contents words size must be 2000 with use of maximum keywords density 2%. Focus on one keyword in the post. Use keyword in the first heading and paragraph of the content


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