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What is good content and more importantly what type of content can get you traffic?

Hi sagabizsolutions!

A UNIQUE or ORIGINAL content can drive traffic in your website. Google LOVES unique and huge content, having a unique content can help Google to distinguish the relevance of your website and that's why it can also helps you to rank higher in the search engine result. Make sure its your own and you didn't copy the content in other sites.


A good content refers to an original article that is created uniquely with full of information and with proper usage of available resources. A good content will have relevant keywords with a proper keyword density. A good content will always improve traffic and reduce the bounce rate for your website.

I would like to say that On page techniques are below

Meta tag optimization.
Keyword Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Key Word Density
Sitemap xml & Robot.txt
H1 to H6 Tag
Title Tag optimization

Not mostly but totally on-page depends on content. So it must be unique and interesting. This is not all the content must be optimized against your site with your keywords, meta tags, h1 - h6 headings, are some of the other factors to consider.


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