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How much patience is required for blogging ? What time period is required for boosting a blog ?

Not sure if "patience" has units.   ;D

If we can define  hair failing out as patience units, I would say you need half a head of patience.

It really depends on how well you optimize your blog, the structure of your keywords, how you implement them,  if it is unique content, how many people share your blogs, comment and engage... it depends on way too many factors to give an answer.

I don't think that you must care for patience.

The one thing that you should care is hard work. That's all.

Time will pay it off.

Blogging is just a game of patience. If you doing Blogging on the right way with patience so surely. You'll get the output.

Bloggers who are productive easily write 4000 to 5000 words daily without getting stopped. You should always try to have more focus as then only you'll become more productive.


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