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promoting your blog on the social media websites?

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As you know Social Media related websites are now the most popular and trafficked websites on the web. For example youtube which is the world 3rd most visited site, and it has 2 Billion page views per day. Similarly Facebook and other popular social media websites have lot of traffic. These can play vital role in the promotion of your blog.Can you share your personal experience on promoting your blog on the social media websites?Thanks .

I think social media sites are very good way to promote your blog in the internet marketing.if you writing a new blog then submit your blog on the social media sites.your blog should getting good traffic from the social media sites.

I do putting my blog site in evey video that I post in Youtube. In this way, I can get quality backlinks and visitors from my Youtube visoe posting.

Social media is very good way to increase your blog rank in the search can upload video in your blog or photos to give some popularity to your blog so that visitor attracts to your blog.

Tips for Using Social Media to Promote Your Blog

Post on your blog regularly and link to each post from your social media page. Keeping your company's name in front of people on a regular basis increases the chance that they’ll see and notice posts. However, don't overdo it. Post a maximum of once per day on Facebook, and write only one original tweet per day (replies and retweets don't count).

Tie-in blog posts with current events, seasonal holidays or other things that people expect to see on social networks. For example, you may give tips for graduates in early June or talk about holiday gifts in late November and early December.

Phrase your blog post title as a question and invite people to respond to it on Facebook or Twitter. Starting a conversation makes people more likely to read the post and engage with the conversation. Plus, particularly on Twitter, you get free exposure when they reply.

Introduce a contest or giveaway in a blog post and link to it on your social media accounts. People are a lot more likely to click through and read if they know they may be able to get something out of it.

Include share buttons on your blog posts. This way, users can share the post directly with their connections on social media networks if they think the post is interesting or relevant. Although people can share posts without the buttons, built-in buttons make it much easier and remind people that they can share it.


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