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Is Wordpress the right way for blogging?

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I have previously built a website, but will be using WordPress since I want to constantly update my website about dating, and get it to search engine rankings. Is WordPress easy to use, implement, and live with?

Also, how do I post a website to a directory? I don't want to spend a lot on directories since I will take time instead to make my website filled with quality.

Thank you.

WordPress is the 2.0 website which provides space for making blog of users. WordPress is the best tool for blogging. In WordPress you can make own free blog and websites and promote it on search engines. It is good for sharing information between the people.

WordPress is the best way to use blog there are variety of themes which you never found anywhere else. as well as there is quality which can attract to your visitors as well. So it important to generate the traffic towards your site to give quality.

Yes of course word press is the best way for blogging and also nice suggestions by every one. 

Wordpress is best platform,

update you seo plugin with seo by yoast... this is great plugin for helping you..  it will help you.


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