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Title: CSS for mobile website?
Post by: Dewlance on 08-22-2015, 07:11:21
I want to make my website for mobile, I use wordpress but my website open only in desktop and site is suitable for mobile.

I try many mobile site builder but its look so bad or does not match with my site.

How can I make my site responsive using CSS?
Title: Re: CSS for mobile website?
Post by: Shikha Singh on 02-24-2016, 01:14:53
If you have ever created a print stylesheet for a website then you will be familiar with the idea of creating a specific stylesheet to come into play under certain conditions – in the case of a print stylesheet when the page is printed. This functionality was enabled in CSS2 by media types. Media Types let you specify a type of media to target, so you could target print, handheld and so on. Unfortunately, these media types never gained a lot of support by devices and, other than the print media type, you will rarely see them in use. More details at:
Title: Re: CSS for mobile website?
Post by: shaunjessy123 on 12-05-2016, 04:02:39
There are various WordPress themes and plugins available which helps to convert your existing website into mobile version for Android, IOS and Windows. With a wide range of settings and options, you can make your website look exactly how you want it. You can easily manage content and CMS.