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Difference between SQL and Oracle?

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I want to learn Database, some of my friends are suggesting SQL and Oracle, would like to know which is the best one?


SQL is a language used to query relational database systems.

Oracle is a specific relational database system. So if you are using Oracle, you will also be using SQL to get information out of it (or an Oracle flavor of SQL).

Sql is structure query language like update,delete,find, etc. sql basically using multithreading concept where oracle using multiprocessor oracle using for high database handling like banking etc

Oracle is an object relational database management system, which allows objects to be stored in tables, in a manner similar to numbers and words being stored in an RDBMS system.

The only interface available between end users and an RDBMS is Structured Query Language (SQL). All other applications and tools that users utilize to interact with the RDBMS act as translators/interpreters. These tools generate SQL commands based on a user's request and pass the generated SQL commands on to the RDBMS.

SQL full form is structured query language
Oracle is one type of DBMS software


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