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How to repair an access database?


Hello everyone, i'm new here. I need recover an access database in Microsoft Access 2007. The database was corrupted due a power cut. I tried to repair it with a amount the tips, but none of them worked. So... I'm thinking in a good access recovery tool, but i don't know about this topic. I saw many options on Google, but I would like to hear some opinions about what is the best tool for this problem.
Thanks ind advance.

Sap Solution:
I think you should put your query in YouTube Searches and you will sure get solution

The Jet Database Engine of Access auto-fixes minor issues that crop up in the database from time to time while reading and writing data normally. Due to this, in most cases, you may never find out that something went wrong! This is both good and bad. Good because your work is not interrupted, bad because corruption can become worse with time if not treated.


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