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Something has surprised me. I can not remember a single post on this forum about

   1. PostgreSQL: The world's most advanced open source database postgresql site:webproworld.com 41 hits but
   2. many about MySQL :: The world's most popular open source database mysql site:webproworld.com 1230 hits

Both are free and some database experts seem to agree that PosgreSQL is a better database platform.

So my simple question is why do so many seem to prefer MySQL over PostgreSQL?

Is it simply because of a larger online community?

MySQL is easier to manage with multiple users on the same server.
This is important for an ISP.
ISP's therefore leaned toward offering MySQL.
Because it was readily available on servers more developers used it.

PostgreSQL is a better choice for enterprise applications.
MySQL is better for non-transactional web site usage.

Personally I haven't heard of PostgreSQL, I like to stick with popular things like MySQL so I'm less likely to screw up.  But I can see the advantages of PostgreSQL

sql- structured query language...................

I believe it's because of the larger online community and that MySQL seems to be more trusted as a database platform because of it's wide usage. I could be wrong though.


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