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well, I must appreciate your initiative in writing, if you are really enthusiastic about writing then you should go for it. Over the internet you will find free articles for your website that can help you to fulfill your desire.

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You are discussing here about an important topic. So I would like to mention some points, which will help you much to write article content for your website.

You should follow these points to write an SEO friendly article.

1. Keyword in/as Article Title

2. Informative in nature

3. 350-500 words

4. Use of target keyword for link text (to link back to your website)

5. Minimum 1  and maximum 2link texts in the article

6. Keyword density of around 2%

7. Author Bio

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I want to say that instead of writing those articles again for practice , you should take one topic and write article on it so this will be the best practice for you. Yes if you want to find some knowledge then you can refer the others.

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You have to do   a research and find out . How well do you know the topic of the article Is it something you can write easily about with little or no preparation. Tell your reader what you are going to tell them.


i m new SEO Executive in this company.
For the last 6 months my Back link is 16,000.
in this 6 months i did off page submission but still my website Back link is 16,000.
that's why i want to know how can i increase my website Back links.


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