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I have submitted directory for my website on instant approval site.
so can is directory Important of usefull less.
and another confusion is : "   

Attention: The links once placed in directory will be active for at least one year, we not do Link Removal during this period."
What do you mean by this line .

That basically means that your link cannot be deleted for a year. After that period of time you will be able to delete your link from the directory if necessary.

Is this good or bad for our site or okey. !

Google became too picky about directories. Check the trust for that site first. And current PR. If everything is ~ 0, personally,  I would not submit there ... And anyway, links have more value if they generate some traffic. If there is a traffic from a link, it's worth to keep it even if donor site has low PR and trust.

How we can check google trust level of directory any Idea about this one !!


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