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Directory submission still works? Any real experiences?

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Directory submissions have value still. is highly regarded as a good directory to get listed.

Focus on niche / industry relevant directories where possible. Relevance of inks is key.

Paid directories have less "spam" and therefore a few paid directories can give the benefit of 10's of low quality free ones. Many are very low cost eg. £10 per year.

It is not something I would spend any time on personally, but I know a lot of people still do a small amount of directory submissions - but they have to be high quality - not just spam directories.

Well, most of the directory ask for the reciprocal links or paid quite review for the submission. I strongly believe if you really want, then look for the good authority directory submission sites that will avoid above two things.


Well!! Directory submissions to quality sites still works. Do check the PR and ranking of the site before making any submission.

If you are submitting your website on high domain authority directory sites then is worthy to do directory submission, otherwise please don't do it.


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