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Directory submission still works? Any real experiences?

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After the penguin update, many SEO experts consider directory submission as a bad SEO technique. After reading so many posts regarding this I stopped directory submission work. Not sure if this tactic really hurts SEO. Can anyone please share direct experience with recent directory submission technique? Is your website penalized because of directory submission? Any real document, screenshot, images, videos, or emails are much appreciated. Thanks!

Directory submissions are expired techniques to build backlinks and generate traffic for your website. But still there are quality directory submissions where your business benefits to build traffic from relevant sources.

You shouldn't stop submitting your sites to directories, just forget about the low quality ones.
You will still benefit from the good ones, especially in terms of local SEO.

Directory submission is Good for Brand Building exercise.
Use unique description for when you do directory submission. 

Directory submission still working to increase backlink but keep few things in mind before submission:

1. Submit website only in High PR Directory.
2. Analyze directory website content and link to avoid spam.
3. Submit website in relevant directories only.


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