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How To get listed in Dmoz faster?

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Sweet Emily:
Hello Everyone,
I have submitted many sites to DMOZ before many months but my website not appear in DMOZ. So is der any specific criteria so that i can get my site listen in DMOZ?

I need your valuable Suggestions.

-Emily,Virtual Asst(US)

i dont' know of any quick way.  but i know many free directories say they can take months to get listed unless you pay, and those aren't the popularity of dmoz.  dmoz help says it can take from several weeks to YEARS, so be patient.  as long as you followed all their rules, hopefully it will just be a matter of time.

If you go through Dmoz, you will see it is declared " may take several weeks or more.." depending on the various criterion. Actually Dmoz listing can take up to 6 months or more. It also presents you the worst possibility, which is not being listed in Dmoz. But being an experienced Dmoz lister, I will share some secret tips which will guarantee permanent listing.

I) Many websites goes offline due to various reasons. These websites are called "Dead website". Every directory (including Dmoz) in internet contain dead websites. If you are lucky enough, you can can find one within your preferred category.  After finding, you can ask the editor to replace the dead link with your's link. This is one of the proven secrets of fast dmoz listing.

II) Create a free account in forum sites like digitalpoint, resouce-zone(Official forum of Dmoz). Editors of Dmoz frequently visits these websites and many of them has an account. After submitting your site to dmoz, announce in those forum. Your chance of quick review will increase and waiting time will be shorten.

III) Find the appropriate category. Go as deep as you can while selecting category. Because deepest category does not have steep competition.

IV) Many webmasters commits a common mistake like submitting their website to exact same folder to competitors. It is very inefficient, avoid it.

V) Last but most important; never ever submit your link twice or more within short period of time. By dong so, your waiting time for review can increase to infinity.

VI) Take note of the 'Last Update' date mark at the bottom. If the category, you selected to submit  has not been modified for a long time then there is no point submitting. There may not be any Editor in that category.

Not a big secret - email admin of your niche and ask to review your website. If not succeed offer something valuable instead :)

Megan Brown:
You have to submit to the correct category for your site. One way to ensure you are in the right one, is to search through it. Look at the other sites listed there. If you don’t see any similar sites to yours, it’s time to check out another category. If you see some of your main competitors in that section, you will know you have found the right one.


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