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Limited directory submission can be useful for long run for health of website but too much directory submission is spamming activity. If we do directory submission and get links from guest posting websites, it can be more rewarding

Your thinking is pretty perfect. You can go in your minds.

Excess directory submission may harm your ranking. Many SEO professionals post into 50 directory submission websites every month beacuse it is very easy to post and also there are no lacking of directory submission. Only we have to submit our websites in limited directory websites to prevent it from spamming. Keep in mind that one powerful backlink is equal to the hundred of backlinks from non popular websites. So, always try to build quality backlinks.

Directory submission means placing your website URL and its details on the web under a directory under a particular category. This improves your link building. Directory submission is an off-page factor and improves your search engine rankings.

Hello friends, Directory Submission is still working..? If yes then can suggest how much and which Directory is best for us..?


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