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    *We manually submit to all known web directories in compliance to each of their submission guidelines. We also offer niche submissions services to article, blog, travel or real estate directories.

We ensure that each manual directory we submit to will be relevant to your site, with each directory chosen based on pedigree and reliability. We ensure that each directory we submit to has been thoroughly researched and not blacklisted by any search engine. Better still—we offer only one-way linking services so no reciprocal links are required.

With this service, you will:

    *get permanent one-way links by having your site manually submitted up to 1206 quality web directories.
    *get links that are valued by the search engines by ensuring that the directories to which we submit are SEO-friendly.
    *receive a continuous flow of links by having your website submitted to our regularly updated list of directories.

Free Detailed Report after submission is complete.

For more info, visit our site at

They say that directory submission does not work now days. Do you submit only to trusted directories or it's something like auto-submitting (semi-auto submitting)?

Now a days directory submission affect more on business positively and also it is the easy and efficient way to increase business and promote website. And in that manual directory submission affect more like it helps to get higher page rank and also to get more visitors and there are many other benefits of directory submission. Now a days in SEO directory submission has increase and yahoo is one of the best for directory submission.

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In manual directory submission process of visiting directory one by one.And also we have to submit our website and web page manually one by one and this process repeats many time and so these process takes much time for submission but the most advantage of this manual directory submission is that manual directory submission show the result more mean to say that this manual directory submission provide best quality of page and more helpful to get high page rank and index.And just for saving time we must not ignore the indexing and page rank and quality for our website.So manual directory submission is efficient than automatic directory submission.

yes, i also think article directory submission is a good way to go.
but , i have a question, is manual way too slow to get more links? why use a tool to finish the work? do not allowed by searching engine?

For me this did not work. A friend and I spent weeks doing this via Go Daddy Seo directory submission and a year later we only had 1 backlinks out of thousands of websites and submissions and hours of wasted time.


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