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I wanted to entertain this idea, and see if it leads to anything...

Let's suppose you decided to make a directory about "Fashion". You could find some forums in this area and then you could start participating in those forums and post a link to your directory. Additionally, you will probably find some webmasters who have sites about fashion that are participating on the forums, and you can get be friends with them. Maybe they will even link to your directory as well. Over time, you will have a very nice directory of fashion related links, and hopefully some articles too. You will have interacted with many people in the fashion industry, and many will at least have heard of your site. Most likely at that point you are having no trouble getting at least some paid advertising, and making some regular income that will probably continue for many months.

In my opinion, one of the essential criteria for getting listed by a quality web directory is that your website must look professional and provide original and useful content to visitors.
And lists of well-quality niche directories can be found by performing a quick search on Google.

Become listed on quality directory is very hard today, except you have a deep pocket to maintain your listing on that directory. Just wondering is there a way to get better SERP without listed on quality Directory?

Search engines are well aware that SEOs is  use in  directories to promote our websites, so they’ve developed technology to spot directory submissions designed to manipulate search results. One of the biggest clues is the use of similar anchor text and descriptions on many directory listings.


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