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.net vs .org

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In my point of view .org is best because after.com you can get more traffic for .org domains.I am runing a E-Commerce website with .org extenstion from the site www.XnYnZ.com . I am getting more traffic for my website.So If you can't get .com extension better you can get .org extensions.. :) :)

it is right that .com is best domain

.org and .net both are okay but .org is better because it is much used by people and people can remember it easily.

other top level domains like .co.uk and .info both the good. .co.uk is specific to country whereas .info can be used worldwide, so .info is better than .co.uk

--- Quote from: Sevam on 05-09-2010, 01:22:47 ---If i cannot obtain .com i use both .net and .org.

--- End quote ---

.org are in front of everything, but as long as you don’t post any comercial links.

Matt said .org has some “magic” on it.

anyway, i would go for the usual .mycountrycode

i think for seo a website you should buy the .net domain because i help in ranking your website rather .org website are organizations which do not
get so much ranking in compare to .net and .com which are also helpful  for publishing google ads .

so please buy an .net or .com domain

org domain then take that, like cheese.org is better than cheeser.net imo, but in general org is better for organisations helping the "public" and . net is better for other websites both commercial and personal so only if you find a good keyword in . org take that for other purposes else go with .0


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