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With 44% of the world's Internet population, China is a dominating force on the Web.

.WANG may not be recognizable to non-Chinese users, but "wang" is a translation of the

character 网 and represents the word "website." Since the character itself could not

be its own string (no one character strings were allowed), .WANG is meant as an

alternative for Chinese users across the globe. .WANG can be used by anyone, for any

purpose, making it a great extension for hooking into the Chinese global community.
Preregister .wang domain at www.eranet get 18 USD
Tel:852-3999 5400

Always, I'd prefer godaddy because they are trustful. Anyhow, thanks for sharing the information here.

At its core, domain investing means buying domain names and then selling them for more than you bought them for. Domain investors search for domains that meet their investment criteria, buy the names, and then sell the domains to other domain investors or people who want to use the domains for a website.


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