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Who's your favourite or most used domain registrar ? and what do you mainly look for lowest prices, best service or something else.

I have a couple of favourites and they include, namecheap and dynadot.

Dynadot mainly because the prices are pretty low and the user interface is minimal and fast. Oh and they also allow domain tasting which most other registrars don't allow for free. once again for it's low prices (although not the lowest without a loyalty and quantity discount) and great customer service.

P.S I hate godaddy.

bigzee: is one of my favourites but I also like

I look at price as the major factor but only if it's more than $1 in difference, a couple of cents here and there didn't hurt anyone. Oh and I totally forgot I also use enom, I have a domain reseller account so get pretty good prices with them!

Gotta be goDaddy. They give some amazing discount coupons and because everyone uses them you really have to have an account with them whether you like it or not. Having said that their general site is rubbish and they try to upsell you so much that it makes the buying and renewal process a pain in the ass..

I've never used namecheap or any of the others mentioned, but I have used , i found them to be pretty barebones, but they were good!

I use goDaddy.
There were no any problems and there are always discounts.

i'm with godaddy, moniker, enom and namecheap. All good and these days you gotta have a couple so that you can pick and choose where to go as prices change :)


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